"Clicks, Likes, Filters & Life"



Written by: Mike Cameron & Missy DeMille

Never could I have imagined such an amazing opportunity would present itself.  A talent that has been recognized but not fully explored, has led to this all-encompassing adventure. I have been presented an opportunity to stretch my imagination and think beyond what's possible.

In my latest collaboration, I’m taking it to a new level. It has been my honor and a true challenge to be the creative director and image consultant to Missy DeMille, Motivational Speaker and Author of Simple Tides. As the driving force behind her most recent book, I provided all the photography, complete web design, title concept and was her liaison on many counts. 


I am thrilled to announce the upcoming release of “Raising A Like”. A book I have written and Co-Authored with Missy, I have also been instrumental in bringing it to life much like Simple Tides. I am proud to say I have conceptualized the images for the covers and inserts, provided all the photography, and web content pertaining to the book. Missy credits me with naming both these books and I am excited to stretch out of my comfort zone and take a new path. I am also thrilled my daughters are two of the sisters that are focused on and written about in “Raising A Like” I hope you will enjoy, what I have worked tirelessly to create.

I have been down some dark roads, as we all have, and faced indecision and often times could not find the light. I have persevered through crippling heartache, and have pushed through all forms of uncertainty and pain.  My journey, challenging and overwhelming at times, has turned into a strength that is now guided by a heightened level of sensitivity, empathy, and awareness of what makes us feel what we do and why.  I will share these experiences and identify some characteristic tools with you throughout "Raising A Like" in hopes that you reach a deeper sense of self-worth, understanding, and a discovery of self-awareness for yourself and consequently those around you and who are closest to you.  What I have discovered and will share with you, is how important it is to take that first step, see beyond the misfortunes and find that inner strength that you will always gain wisdom from.


In a world where we have become so connected, the irony is that we are now, more disconnected than ever.  Filters, images and news feeds are the norm and conversation is becoming a lost art. This generation desperately needs to look up from their mobile devices and reconnect with what is real. In "Raising A Like", Missy will be the resource for a generation that needs realigning, or healing if you will. Missy will introduce this younger generation to the works of prophets, visionaries and spiritual leaders.


In this timely and important book, "Raising A Like", you will meet six very inspiring, distinctive, resilient and talented young ladies. Rowyn, Alexis, Hailey, Colby, G.G. and Chloe. Three sets of sisters all facing unique challenges, all children of divorce and all trying to navigate this filtered and often isolating world of social media. Through their essays, quotes and shared experiences you will find that underneath it all, we are all alike and the vail of social media can only hide so much. A generation that is struggling to find their way in this newly disconnected fast paced world, this book is not only the message that you are not alone but a message of hope, guidance and strength.